Ideal husband

Although i'm only sixteen years old now, i already have a picture of my ideal husband in my mind i don't put much emphasis on his appearance because i don't. The rolls-royce of english comedies, oscar wilde's an ideal husband brings an act of political sin into the heart of the english home book now.

导演:奥利弗 克 主演:凯特 兰切特/明妮 里弗 电影改编自王尔德的作品《理想夫君》。 在众人眼中,罗伯特(杰瑞米 森 jeremy northam 饰)是.

In a moment of youthful indiscretion, sir robert chiltern provided an austrian baron with secret foreign office information as payment he received the money that became the basis of his.

Directed by oliver parker with rupert everett, julianne moore, peter vaughan, minnie driver sir robert chiltern is a successful government minister, well-off and with a loving wife.

The oscar wilde season continues with an ideal husband from 20 april at vaudeville theatre book tickets direct with the theatre today.

ideal husband An ideal husband《理想丈夫》大意及读后感 general idea(大意): sir robert hold an important government position he was a kind-hearted person, he did a lot. Download
Ideal husband
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